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Long long ago there was this aspiring young lady .......

In 2005, the previous owner "CK" began and started the foundation of what the public sees today....CK Design Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry. With a strong man by her side along with their son, they grew and prospered a wonderful business servicing professionally designed brand name cabinetry to custom builders and residential homes in Vernon.

Fast forward over a decade, and along arrives the NEW OWNERS Allan, Shalon, and Taylor. Really, lets be honest, Taylor owns and runs the company, Shalon is the "first in command", and Allan, well he just oversees the job sites making sure both builders, clients, and staff are happy with our cabinetry installs.

New Ownership brings to CK Design Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry over a decade worth of consumer and builder experiences from Toronto, Vancouver, and Kelowna. They have prospered through market crashes and booms in the housing industry, and offers professional advice to all of their CK Design clients when considering cabinetry options. Why is this important? Well, those whom want to retire or raise their family in the Okanagan do so for a variety of reasons, and lets be real cost of living in the Okanagan is a large determinant for everyone, besides the Okanagan's natural beautiful landscape and lifestyle.

New ownership wants all of their CK Design clients to have the luxuries of custom, high quality, "Made in Canada" fine cabinetry. With improved methods, policies, procedures, and a greater supplier base from all around Canada/USA, new ownership offers a larger wider base of products and trades to all of clients of CK Design.

New Ownership of CK Design is progressive, seeking to expand CK Design Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry to all over BC and Alberta, and even putting the company on an international stage.

Beginning yesterday, CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry can now manufacture their own cabinetry for reduced pricing to the client/builder, providing greater control over manufacturing/servicing, with reduced servicing timelines. 

For those who actually read this, pay attention and ask questions directly to the new owners because we offer many stories, experiences, and can tell you what to expect in the near future at CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry, because let's just say that we are so excited having such a beautiful company and clientele. We are not shy of sharing our passion for cabinetry and truly love coming to work and seeing our clients happy.

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