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CK Design is OPEN for all cabinetry business. Retail, Renovation, restoration, and builders...we are OPEN and ready to provide you with price competitive quotes on all custom & manufactured cabinetry.

Our Decor Showroom is OPEN, by appointment only at this point in time. Very soon we will open the decor retail, but first let us complete the installation of a new kitchen & rearrange the showroom to accommodate the NEW CK DESIGN. Our goal is to OPEN decor showroom to the public in JULY...and secret is that we will have a a HUGE DECOR SALE on everything. Stay tuned for more information

COVID-19 Disclaimer for CK Design customers: If you do stop on by our showroom, we ask that if you have any flu-like symptoms, that you contact us over the phone/text/email instead. All appointments can be confirmed directly with your designer or by via the office manager: (778)475-7701 or via email

The NEW CK Design Kitchen Bath & Cabinetry Offers:

MORE Decor Options

LATEST OPTIONS in Modern Cabinetry 

FASTER Custom Manufacturing 

IMPROVED Policies & Procedures

IMPROVED Servicing 

ADDITIONAL Suppliers & Services

Progressive NEW OWNERSHIP offers vast experiences building luxury condos/custom homes in Toronto & Vancouver & Kelowna, bringing to CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry necessary experiences allowing us to understand our diversified commercial & residential clientele & their needs. 


The NEW CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry offers over 50 years of collective cabinetry experiences to all of our clients. The NEW CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry will only use name brands known in the industry to ensure the highest quality cabinetry. CK Design encourages a team approach with all of our projects, even though we dedicate a designer specifically to you.

CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry will remain authorized cabinetry dealers for Montalco and Columbia Cabinets. However, CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry can custom manufacture, install, and provide improved servicing of our cabinetry. Honestly, we offer a greater selection of custom and fine cabinetry than most of our competitors and can deliver/install almost anywhere our client's want.


We NOW deliver/install all over BC & Alberta.


What does the future hold for NEW CK Design Kitchen Bath Cabinetry?

Stay tuned because we are expanding CK Design operations/manufacturing capabilities to all over BC and Alberta.

TBA due to the progressive new ownership CK Design will showcase our ability to serve Custom Luxury Finished Cabinetry & High Quality Fine Craftsmanship on an international level with one of our upcoming clients.



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